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Jackalope Says:

Happy holidays and happy new year!!!

I started a Patreon! As a Miss Jackalope Patron, you will get access to Patron only mixes, a monthly Jackalope Mystery Box, a decal of the month club, and a $1 bragging rights level.

Just Playing Around on a Thursday 12.21.17

HackaDay Super Conference! That was super fun! Who says makers don't dance?

DEF CON 25 live set is posted--- however, its not in the best shape.

My DJ Mix CDs and other fun items are available at my Square store.

My Etsy store has all my patches, dogtags, hoodies, t-shirts, accessory cases, boyshorts, pillowcases, decals.

Why two stores? CDs don't really quite seem to match Etsy, so I split them up a bit. Both have clothing, Etsy has the option to customize. You don't have to be a Etsy member to order. Every order will include some sort of bonus Jackalope swag, cuz you all rule!

Thank you out there! I love you guys!!!! I know I have been advertising a lot on here. Seeing you represent the Jackalope Army is the best and means a lot!



Jackalope Swag @ Etsy^



1.20.18 Future DJ Jackalope Appearences

Past Jackalope Appearences

Jackalope sightings in the news (fortunately or unfortunately, there have not been any in a while!)

Below are a couple of arts made by Zziks:

Make Contact with Jackalope:

Twitter@djjackalope This is the best place for the newest info.

Miss Jackalope DJ Facebook page. Jackalope Official.

DJ Diary: My silly life as a dj. I haven't quite updated this thing in a while... but still crazy to check out.

Miss Jackalope Mixography.

Miss Jackalope Sets / Soundcloud!

Miss Jackalope Sets / Mixcloud!

Find Jackalope in comic books:
See Issue #20 of Harbinger on Valliant comics, I was a technical editor in that one.
BPM by Paul Sizer. DJ technical editrix!

Misadventures of DJ Jackalope

Resissued! Coming soon!

art by guile

DEF CON - the world's biggest computer security convention

DEF CON Picts from this year and past years.

DEF CON Forums. You know, forums, where the weird stuff happens when you're not at DEF CON.


Russian Tank @ Nellis AFB. Las Vegas. Foto by Zziks.


Miss Jackalope in Bergen, Norway. Photo by Zziks.

Things I Support....

DEF CON: Las Vegas' Insane Security Convention

HackCon: Oslo, Norway's Computer Security Convention

BRUcon: Ghent's Security con, dedicated to beer, knowledge, Club Mate, and fun.

Toorcon: San Diego's computer security convention

HackaDay : Pasadena's Maker Supercon

BSides:This is a convention that is held anywhere awesome folks get together and make one! Always fun and informative to go to and definitely worth your time for a visit. Look for one in a city near you!

WAHCKon[2] Perth: Check out Perth's security con!

LayerOne: SoCA's security event!

Shakacon: The insane con of the Hawaiian Islands

Shmoocon: Washington DC's winter computer security convention

TOOOL The Open Organization of Lockpickers, USA

Other recommended fun to check out...

Ingress:That one worldwide augmented reality game where people stare at their phones and walk into poles.

Sequential Tart: An awesome ezine that covers comic books and other sequential art. Written by ladies and updated every month.

Art by Agent Zziks

Music Sources....

The American Jungle A feature length documentary/film about the North American Drum & Bass culture.

Beatport It's like itunes for djs.

Orbis Magazine

After some thought, I chose not to renew the OrbisZine domain. I need to figure out how to get it onto this one. To the best of my knowledge, Orbis Magazine was the longest running underground rave magazine in Colorado history.


This space left intentionally blank.

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