Jackalope Dj Diary.......


I was going to just like write this down on paper, but then you couldn't read about my silly explorations so I decided to make this public. Well, most of it anyway. Some randomness will definitely get kept to my humourous self. Oh yeah, I'll give this a ratings scale too. Hm, have to make one up first.

Let's do a 1-5 rating, 5 being awesome, 1 being a fiasco.


I work at a computer security company in Denver now. I dj when I can. I still love spinning. Just thought I'd leave a note since I'm updating my site.


Haven't updated this much. I think most of the entries turned into LJ, and then myspace entries as well.



Last night was silliness at Mystiq and Tobin's with Tekfox, Dire, golgo....



This past 10 days has been nothing but going out and flyering...

I've seen a whole bunch of stuff happen in the past few days too...lots of drunk people who should not have been driving, the aftermath of a stabbing in the Church, a funny as hell girl hiding from her drunk friends with thier keys so they wouldn't drive home, an out of control car with no headlights on cruising at like 60 down Broadway and wrapping its engine block around a big lightpole... yeah, you know, the average night.


Tomorrow is the crazy 5.5.5 day. How wacky is that? You should come to out Mystiq on Tuesdays, that night is sooo incredibly goofy and fun. There's lots of new DJ events I'm spinning at thanks to GNDN and to JazzminT at Kosmos. Don't forget to check out the Appearances page!


Psykoativ has a new web forums up:


The Darkside is coming. Be there! Angel ALANIS! HELLS YEAH!



04.13.05 Just a day like any other

Recone Helmut of pH-10 wanted me to make some changes to his website links on here, so I decided to do some reaaranging of stuff on the front page and change some pictures, etc. I have a store kind of made up that will work through Paypal but its just not quite ready to go up yet.


04.11.05 Moscow Underground

Hey there! Played the Booty House at Mascow Underground tonight! That place is way cool and way weird all at once... I'm definitely going back, and if you've never been there, you should go check it out at least once! Thanks N810 for bringing me out there, I really apprecaite it and I really had a blast!


04.08.05 ? Concord Dawn at the Church

Is this the date? I lost count somewhere. I got to see Concord Dawn tonight! *MWAH!!!!!* Big upitty ups for the tenitus I'm gonna have for the next 2 days. I love your tracks you guys.....!!!!!



Weeee.....day before I leave for Wizard World LA. Yes I am a geek. I know where Spiderman lives, don't fuck with me.


03.03.05 Josh Wink DJ Craze at the Church

I went and check out Josh Wink and DJ Craze at the Church. Someday jungle djs will realise the difference between pushing a system for Loudness vs. Pushing a system until it sounds like ASS.



HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its snowing today, makes closing shifts at my new job lots of fun. No, wait, not fun.... did I mean SUCK? Yeah that's more like it. Playing a gig at Static on the 5th. February that is.


01.01.05 New Year's At Kevin and Jen's house!

rating: 5

YAY! Thanks again, that was fun.


Good god its been a while since i've typed anything in here. I just noticed how like...fucked up my websites were and how much info was on both of them. I decided to fix the Orbiszine to be straight up Orbis Magazine and DJ Jackalope to be all DJ oriented stuff. I'm not sure if I'll get the Orbis magazine stuff up there. I got a job at Barnes and Noble in the music department. I hope I can figure out the music section. Heh.



Happy Birthday Sas.

[00:51] <12Jlope> my night was rediculous...i went to a club to see my friends who are like in my dj crew play..and the owner pretty much kicked them off the turntables so someone could play house
[00:51] <12Jlope> and then like 3/4 of the club left because they weren't playing
[00:51] <12Jlope> and the club owner was suddenly saying that he never kicked them off the turntables.
[00:51] <12Jlope> gee imagine that



RIP KAM. I only kinda really met ya once.


Defcon kicked my lame ass. I have some entry stuff on my other computer, I'll drop that in here soon.


Yay we heard from our movers! That means that I get half a chance to do something and not like DIE because i moved some crap before Defcon.

AndyMac came into my store today, that was awesome. Anyway just wanted to put some words up here.



Played a party at Phoenix today for my friend Hunter at the Ice House. I'm glad I cn finally say I've played there.


Shirts are done and transported there. Cds aren't done yet, and i've spent like 9 hours trying to get them to work ok so far. Kinda frustrated. They'll be cool when they are done tho and


Yay its Garfield's birthday and my dad's birthday! WEE! Tomorrow is Father's Day which I bet is totally annoying for my dad. I dunno, my birthday is piggy backed on a holiday too, so who knows. Its been raining the past 4 days, it rules. Today the sun came out though, I was sad.

We got the start of the "the internet made me weird." shirts together for order on Monday. I get my work done at Start the Press on Jefferson street. Jason fucking rules, he's one of the nicest guys ever and his prices rock your lame ass. Don't go to Burt's Shirts, they will rip you off with $25 screens.


Hm, looks like I'm going to miss Tech Itch at the Snakepit in Denver tonight. It costs $15 for gas to get to Denver. $7 to get in. ($7 for Tech Itch?!? Holy steal!) and then like $4 per drink. If I had someone to share the cost of gas I could totally justify that, but its not gonna work since everyone I originally planned to go with is busy and can go at like 11PM or not going. Dras can't come, but its for a pretty good cause, he's recording with his band, Until We Wake.


I'm slowly getting stuff ready for Defcon TwElve.



(rating: MEH!)

So today I learned the someone I actively decided to choose not to talk to has been having fun randomly trying to make people hate me by messaging them on line without my knowledge. This is something I find pretty funny especially since I've long since graduated from high school and even though I failed to make it through college, I find it a pretty childish action


Today was the day Jim invited me to come out and play at the Dark Horse in Boulder. I dont know how I have managed to escape playing records there for the past 8 years but last night was finally my turn. I managed to get the whole Punisher Army together along with Miss Kelli and went down the Boulder. We found the place ok, and thanks to Jim had a pitcher of Fat Tire. <Thank you!> and lessee...had a blast playing records. Oh course when the time to leave came, my keys were nowhere to be found....except in the ignition of my boyfriend's car...so we discovered this about 1:30am, I made a call to AAA, and found out...YAY my AAA card is missing. I have like 3 of them on my desk at home, ugh. They were nice enough to let me use my account and got a guy there within an hour to fix my stupid dilema.

While we were waiting, we did pretty much nothing but giggle for an hour. We talked about all the Saturdays we'd get really silly and play records. Definitely funnystuff, but I bet you had to be there. I got hungry and there was a McDonald's nearby, so Kelli and I tried and failed to make the drive through thing work, so we went to the window and ordered. Kelli ordered an Happy Meal. I ordered a Happy Hour.


Hey there! Dras and I went down to the SnakePit today to see Concord Dawn. Fucking awesome.

5.13.05->5.17.04 Went to Detroit comiccon damnit.

04.28.04->05.03.04 Pittsburgh comicccon damnit.


the Biz // Kasmos // Evenflo and Ishe and the gang

rating: 4

The Punisher Army just wanted to give a shout out to letting us come play at your club night out there That was a freaking blast and the scoreboard was truely hilarious. (Did I win?)



I had to jump on here and say something! What's up with the goofy weather? Oh wait, its Colorado. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. Thanks again for coming out to the ClubHouse and if you haven't come out, bring your friends and hang out, its a good time. Its by far the most fun club night I've thrown. Its got the most responsible crew and we're always trying to see who we can afford to hire to come out.


Oh hey, also, my boyfriend's book is finally done. Its called Network Security Hacks and it's published by O'reilly. Its supposed to come out April 5th. It will be at Barnes and Noble and all those other good places.



I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is coming to hang out with the funness that is Wed Nights atthe Clubhouse. Its a black to have a place that is relaxed and there's awesome music to check out every week.



Rating 5

Thank you Golgo for a really super cool Valentine's Day!



Rating 5

Yo. Got my computer back up and running. Thank you Golgo.



Well today I got laid off. Again. So for those of you who are loyal to me at marshaks or whatever: this is supposedly how it works (maybe in reality, maybe in dreamland, I'm not sure yet) but supposedly there's a chance I will get rehired in March. I'll believe it when it happens. So dont like boycott the store, cuz if you keep buying cool stuff, i might get to come back and swing it to you.


Hey on the good side, I have a rad boyfriend and a cool friend r3as0n and my foot doesn't like like that picture up there.



Yay. The police shot some guy across the stree from where I live. Hearing gunshots is fun, espcecially when they're going into some one. <frown> That would be the second time I've heard that sound er actually third...but heh, being in the middle of a drive by shooting, I'm not sure counts.





hello out there. this is like month 2 or three of my not working to be a
dj. I know bad me. Will start again in the next 2 weeks, with a new CD
and new records, and I have permission for REAL cd art by Jeff Hendriks
who does Assassin for the Red Star lovelies and permission from JiM
Mahfood of 40oz comics for small print runs of thier art.

i think i might use photoshop and color up Jeff's a little bit, but not
sure, its really pretty pencil art so i probably won't end up touching it.

today was inventory day at marshaks, translation: 8am and having to count
everything in the store. bleh. no fun especially since this week means
little money for lopey even tho i get paid for new year's day (hopefully).

i wanted to go do stuff i dont usually get to do on fridays since i dont
ever get friday off but andy didnt sleep last night and spent most of the
day/evening sleeping and then has to write, so i wont be doing shit.


hi there
hanging out in a tattoo shop while Hunter gets the rest of her shoulder
finished. At some point I’ll find a picture somewhere….. We’re in
Cheyenne where Aaron and Andy work in a freezing shop which is kind of a
bummer but they’ve got a fair amout of work here to do so that works out

I looked through Andy’s portfolio and he gets to look at a lot of ass
cracks. Pretty funny since I get to at my store (pull your damn pants up)
only the ones he gets to see are girl’s usually…Aaron said that there’s a
guy who works here who doesn’t wear underwear so he gives away a lot of
free ass apparently.

Hunter just showed me this Tao symbol tattoo she has behind her ear
now…its very nice!

We’re listening to Cannibal Corpse apparently….It’s kinda fitting for here
if you got to see the guys who work here. They all rock. Especially
Aaron with DESTROY written in tattoo across the front of his neck.

I think Hunter is happy with her new art.

Hmmm in a bit we’ll have to go outside where its like negative below
something and the wind is blowing like 60 miles per hour on the way back
to Fort Collins.

Went to work and got done…weee….hunter came over and we went to Denny’s
and hung out til like 3:30am (3 and a half) and I went home, sorted out
cards and went to sleep…

Christmas at my Aunt’s house….awesome dinner….thanks for the presents….
The trip took forever though, since Andy and I were gone from like 2:15pm
til 11:15ish. That sucked. Especailly since Andy is working on getting
his book done still.

Went to work…wow lots of people shop late! You people are crazy. You get
364 fucking days to shop and you have to wait til the last minute!


Wee! Just updating the index and wanted to drop i nand say hi to ya'all. Today was just work and I won an awesome Sketch Duel piece from the Las Vegas comiccon that CBLDF had up on Ebay.



Rating 4

Marshak's 10th Ann Christmas Party. EEP. Happiness is seeing daniel in a tie.



Rating 5

Soraya and Chad had their baby today, so It can't be all bad. Aiden is doing well and so is mom. Congrats.



Rating 0


Ok SO that Matt thing happened. Then yesterday someone was trying to cross the street in front of my store, and they died when a car hit them. Nothing quite like seeing a body covered with a blanket in the street at the corner of Linden and Jefferson 40 feet from where you work. So sad.




Matt Sims you will be missed. 1984-2003


Rating 0


My Email to Dj Scooty:

there was this guy (about 18ish) named Matt
and he was a drug dealer kinda total fuck guy
so anyway,
my friend jeff and i knew him because he's show at Magic tournaments
and stuff and we gave him a ride to denver once or twice so anyway he's an
aquaintance kinda wether we want him to be or not....not necessarily
a bad guy, but its kinda of annoying to be playing magic and have someone
be making a drug deal while you're trying to play.

well anyway
my point
the other day (sat? sun?) he was driving around drunk on his way back
from a party and went the wrong way down hwy 34 and got into a

everyone was pretty much ok except for him.

sooo today around 6 his mom took him off life support....so who
The dr's didnt think he was going to live past monday night so it
like he wouldnt make it if they turned off the support......

anyway. Yeah. so jeff and i just like hung out and had dinner and
jeff had just spent the past hour and a half at the hospital talking
Matt's relatives and was lookling to just hang out with me.


that would be nice if our friends would quit dying from stupid


Las Vegas Comiccon


Event: Extrosion, Las Vegas Comiccon Oct 31st-Nov 2nd Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Rating: 2.5

(this can also be found on http://sequentialtart.com in january 2004)

Jackalope's abridged adventures in comic land (or how I learned what Extrosion was.)

(Extrosion v. What happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass)


My friend Rowan lives down the hall from me. One day we had a contest to try and out geek each other and that's how I found out that Rowan could be considered the poster child for the CBLDF. I'm the poster child for my comic book store, Marshak's House of Fantasy (where Tart Rebecca Salek works as well), so it seemed like it was a good idea for us to go kick it at a Con together.

Las Vegas Comic Con seemed to be the best place to do that at. So two weekends ago, we piled into airplanes and made it to the city of Lost Wages. Rowan's plane was delayed by the California fires (who would have thought that you would have to fly to LA to get from Denver to Las Vegas) so we were a bit delayed in getting to the Con to set up the CBLDF booth. I brought along some of my help, Siviak, from Defcon, and we got the booth organized and ready for Friday's opening of the Con.

Friday morning started at 7:20am along with a huge hike between the Excalibur and the Mandalay Bay convention center. Caught up with some people that Rowan knew while I was standing in line to get a Professional pass into the con - this was Tommy Castillo, Chris Moreno, and Jason Krause. Breakfast insued, then a quick dash with the lackeys to get some change for their booths, and then to first shift at the CBLDF booth.

I remember reading somewhere (I think it was on the Con website) that there were 20,000 preregistrants for this con. I was expecting to get slammed. Especially since I was about to take the crash course in explaining what the CBLDF was to lots of people who had no idea what it was. It was like the first day of a job. EXCEPT….we didn't get slammed. Ever.

Luckily this gave me a day to learn the What Is the CBLDF spheel from Doug, a cool Canadian guy who you might meet at the con in Toronto. He was crazy enough to fly in from Toronto and volunteer for the CLBDF. There were enough volunteers for the booth that everyone could work for 2 hours and spend the rest of the day wandering around Las Vegas or the con. (Many thanks to everyone who came and helped: Betsy, Richardo, Sean, Doug, and Will.)(and of course to Rowan and Charles for having me along.)

Friday ended with more wandering (I won't mention the Excalibur to Mandalay sprint for the CBLDF Sketch Duel because that was just completely out of hand), dinner with a random cast and crew, an awesome Masquerade party, hanging out at the Excalibur bar with Tommy Castillo (Detective Comics artist), Doug, Rowan, and Chris Moreno (Tony DiGerolamo's the Travellers artist.)

Saturday morning. Back at the booth.

First of all, who needs sleep when you can start your morning off with a mamosa.

There wasn't a whole lot going on there. So at noon my shift changed and I got to run around the Con. Translation: Hang out with as many comic writers, artists, and new random friends as I could and have a blast doing it. This involved Sketch duel #2, which soon became my favorite part of the days at Con because it just became sooo entirely random. This was where the jackalope with the Mickey Mouse pants appeared. Soon after Siviak and Sno showed up and where I got kidnapped.


Short day at the Comic Con. I think everyone was completely hung over, too. Hung out, answered questions, time to do a Sketch Dual and hookup with Siviak and Sno, and help tear down the weekend's booth.

Now if you want to have fun in Vegas, let the locals kidnap you. $5.99 all you can eat Chinese and $5.75 pitchers and .50 pool. I can't tell you where we went because that would like be incentive for these places to raise their prices now that the word would be out. Having your own comic artist around is also a blast. You can give them ideas and stuff and they can tell you about their creations such as Juan Douchebag and the newly named Platypus Sanz Pantz, because well, you know, platypi don't wear pants.

So there ya go….my Las Vegas Comic Con short version, without the huge list of thank yous to all the artists and authors who did sketches in my book, who helped out the CBLDF, to the CBLDF who said I could come help, Penguin Palace, Oni Press, SLG, to the Red Star Crew for proving that they were as cool as I thought they were, and to Siviak and Sno. If you want to check out my sketchbook, check out http://www.orbiszine.com/sketch.htm.




DYLAN AND TECH ITCH // Originally Posted on Junglescene.com

DENVER 10/24/03 : Let's give this one a 3 rating.

Dylan/Tech Itch Denver

Last night was the Dylan/Tech Itch tour in Denver. It was at this tiny club called the Black Widow, nice little space. Big stack of Cerwin Vega speakers on both sides of the club.

Johnathan is on the decks, playing some crazy half hardcore sounding jungle and eventually djs Baloo and Dras (drizza!) come on and tag and rip it up.

Then of course the headliners make it onto the decks. All CDs from these cats this time. We could not have asked for anything better from them. (Thank you guys!)

Major inturruptions: the power goes off twice.

In the silence of the second one is some guy yelling at the headliners to "PLAY SOME RECORDS!" Tech Itch replies, "come up here and say that!" so the guys comes up to the decks and like yells it right at Tech Itch....and everyone in the club promptly kicks the guy out of the club. (thank you Curious.) (i hope i dont have my MCs mixed up, please correct me if i'm wrong)

Now things got fixed...until like 1:35 into the set where all the Subs go out. The sound guy shows up 10 minutes later. Where he was at 10 minutes before, who knows. He looks at his gear and shuts it all off.

"Party's over!" he yells.

What the fuck? No, like really. Doesn't the promotor and the sound guy have like a fight before the sound guy gets to shut the HEADLINERS down? AND THE WHOLE PARTY?

Mad props to the overly tired Dylan (thank you for playing Closer) and Tech Itch and everyone who played last night.

August 20th

Today was interesting to say the least. Can't say much least certain parties involved read my site.

Kinda bummed- i was gonna do some weird hair thing, but the people who made my appt told me 6:15 when they really meant 7 so I COULD have come back, but eh....wasn't that important anyway. So aside from that and being kind of expensive, the Parlour on Mountain and Mathews does really kick some ass. Its got $31 hair cuts, which sometime I might actually pay for one. Ask for Tatum.


Off to go to R3as0n's house to build a Magic onLine deck. Yes, I'm a dork.


Hey there.....

This year I'm gonna try and do a live Defcon log or whatever....

So I might as well start now!

Entertaining things to note: Defcon is over the weekend I'm supposed to move out and move into a new place which is like 2 blocks from the place I'm living at now. So in order to go to dc, I have to put my stuff in storage about 2 miles away, and then go to defcon and then move stuff from storage to the new place that is 2 blocks from here. Pain in the ass.

Saturday August 16th

Yay! I finally have all my shit out of the storage place I have to go back on Monday to get a deposit. Its this crappy thing called New West Fest in my town- its another excuse to close off a bunch of streets in Old Town Fort Collns and make everyone who lives here misterable because they can't go anywhere and not have to like park 3 blocks from thier houses. Some people seem to like it they have grills and stuff set up at thier houses. I guess I would like it more if today wasn't the last day i had to move stuff into my apt..

Kinda funny tho: Better than Ezra is playing a set right n front of the store I work at in about 10 minutes

What else? This is day two of no internet That's like no big deal cept I wanna post stuff so you can read it.




August 9th

Ok, so i moved. And finally got internet access and here's the final update like a week late or something. --Jackalope

This is the diary: it got totally out of order, so just kinda follow along, in order or out if you would like....

Sunday August 4th

Today started at 10am, getting up and stumbling into the dealers room, where nether of the two tables I was gonna try and sell things at had its occupants present. I stopped by Tommy Pickle's booth where Banshee was covering.

Here's the story...When I got here on friday, I spent some time looking for the person to talk to to get DC passes and I ended up in the Press room and then eventually in the Speaker check in room where I saw V1ru5 of dis.org and this guy in a suit with pictures of the big blue car. He was rafflng a blue chevy used to be cop car off for $10 a ticket.

I'd talked to Banshee earlier in the day: she said she'd hitchiked here.

Black and white ball comes up..and now Banshee has a ride home. Its completely silly.

Ok so anyway:

Today was mostly staying in the Dealer's room helping Green Sector out. Lunch at mr Lucky's at Hard Rock. Back to the dealer's room. After the dealer's room closed, I went to the ballroom with v1ru5 and we watched the crazy wall of shameness, which had degraded into showing the contents of the laptops of the ballroom.

It became time for the Awards, so I'm not sure if you would call this a presentation, but I went there. I heard lots of fun stories about the things that happened at Con.

The wardriving team who won: they heard go West and well..went wardriving in L.A. well, if you're gonna win, why the hell now? This envoked the story of the Shmoo Group from last year using a HELICOPTER to wardrive.

The cowhead from the Scavenger hunt.

Kevin Mitnick and his gf and one other won the hacker Jeopardy. How cool is that?

(hee hee Kevin touched me! he walked by and kinda touched my shoulder...hee hee! maybe i'll get to meet you sometime)

Cannonball run. Let's see, how to enter this from Denver?

So right now its 6:50pm. Pool party time. There's a party at pool 3 that i'm supposed to play at, of course now this isn't going to get uploaded until I get home though, rats.

More later.

Ok, the later part...written on Tuesday night around 12:55am, hm that would be Wednesday morning I guess....

Time passes and I went to the pool party which was being hosted by Vandal and Cesar and a huge table full of every alcoholic beverage possible, suggested by Dark Tangent at the Awards Ceremony Its dark out..

So on the way there we encounter either some hotel security or goons talking to a random person about some crazy incident that had more of less just occured. Typical weird DC stuff, so we keep walking and I jump into the pool.

In the pool I encounter these guys who I later found out was from Houston who were passing around a mystery concoction in a tropicana twister bottle. Being one of the only 2 girls on that side of the pool with normal DC generosity towards girls (ie get them drunk so they get naked) take a drink and check out the fruity goodness. Cesar (eep, or Vandal, memory is super blurred at this point) comes up to me at the pool around now and asks if I want to spin records. Of course I do, so I get out and wander off with Skydog for 10 minutes to get records and head back.

Now for some reason Cesar seemed all freaked out about letting me play, but hey, what can you say? = )

I got on decks and proved my point pretty fast only to be told by an official AP security guard to turn the decks 100% off...well nice one....ok great, its one of my friends stretched out on a pool chair having a bad moment with alcohol. Big frowny frown here. Two reasons: its my friend damnit so i hope she's ok, and it got the party at Pool three and at pool two shut down.

This turned into weird drama for me, which i wont bother going into. I'm nice, and I like my friends so I was trying to help. (somewhere around here, Vandal and I encountered a goon, i think it was Cal -ugh correct me if i'm wrong!- and he was asking us questions about the weird incident with Shatter which was why there was weirdness when I was walking up to pool three)

The story as far as I can piece it together:

guy started screwing with Shatter and eventually hit him. Shatter hit him back, and I think that was that. I wasn't there, so I dont know the whole story, but less the real truth, but I dont think its like Shatter to just haul off and hit someone.

Golgo and I ended up hanging out at the pool an hour or so later after this. Golgo went to hang out with 303 with Cy and they eventually ended up at the bar and missed all the poolside drama. So it was Flea, Golgo, Flea's giant bottle of half and half mixed Screwdriver,and I at the pool talking to everyone who walked past. This was a blast.

The Portland crew came back our way and we decided to have Afterparty with the Green Sector crew. I'm sure this lasted a long time..cept at that point between the GIANT bloody mary I'd been drinking on the initial way to the pool party and the 1/2 and 1/2 screwdriver and 3 beers so I was pretty done which was a bummer.

Returned down to the st tropez where golgo and I participated in Pukecon and felt lots better and went to sleep, only of course for me to be hellahung over the next morning.

August 5th (monday)

Not much going on... got up about an hour later than we were supposed to to pick up KEndra AKA Jiggles and take her to the Fort.

(I will try and remember to write about the Burger King event where I "regulated!" the manager or whatever she was. That was just stupid irresponsible drama caused by employees not paying any attention to the ONLY customers they had in the store as well as in the drive through)

nuff for now.


Saturday August 2nd (written at like 6pmish on sunday)

Hey there I missed a day...mostly because I dont have a laptop, so maybe next year I will have one So I am borrowing a laptop from my boyfriend Golgo to type on and upload stuff.


What I did: ummmm made it to the dealer room at 9:45 and after a quick confrontation with a security guard, I got let in and got to drop off some CDs with Green Sector (thank you soooo much!)...

after that....hm I'm not sure, there's lots of ways to waste time at DC without actually doing anything. I'm the mistress of that, especially since now that i'm busy writing this on Sunday, I have been here since Defcon 7 and still have NEVER made it to any conferences...


(this is where the dinner at hard rock with the haxxxorpr0n.com dvd playing on a apple laptop took place....if you ever want good service, show pornography at your dinner table while you are eating. )

Time passes, and I went to the black and white ball. That was pretty interesting, I got there and the poor dj guy who was spinning before Corrupt Data was like playing the Best Trance Anthems of 2001. The lights there kicked ass, thanks to BINK and his helper monkeys. Corrupt Data kicked everyone's lame ass, that was really really awesome you guys! Thanks for putting the hours to make that set.

My set got plagued with crazy turntable needle problems, but eventually got fixed. I am going to try and post my set on orbiszine.com sometime soon, I have to put some hours in fixing the file, as of yet I haven't heard it.

I had fun, I hope you did too.

After the set, I wandered around with Golgo and Jesse and Bascule...eventually wandering into the Jinx suite...good seeing you guys...and ending up at pool 3 with the crazy pool party. Golgo was hella tired, so we ended up wandering back to the room at like 2:45....

AND came back to our accidental roommate, Mark, asleep in front of the toilet looking kinda like he was preforming some oral on himself...totally sleeping....we tried to wake him up and that didnt work, so Golgo and I opted to take a shower since Mark was obviously not waking up anytime soon. About 45 minutes later, Mark woke up, and promotly tried to get into bed and promtly tripped and fell on the floor..and eventually ended up in his bed.

ok nuff for sat.


August 1st 10pm

Ok so hell with my nice formatting. I am sitting in the main geek ballroom of DC after Golgo has been nice enough to get his computer ready for me to type stuff into it and write things in it.

I will have CDs available starting tomorrow (Sat) at the Green Sector in the main dealer's room...look for all the awesome flourscent shit that glows and there should be cds for like $5 or $6 at the table. Shadowvex's cd is pretty darn cool as well.

I'm glad kinkos is so close to here. I've been there three times today.

I am also missing the forum meeting because of this computer thing, PLEASE come up and introduce yourselves to me! I'll be playing at the black and white ball at 11pm i think..check out the events magazine thing that they gave you at registration.

Insteresting things i have seen today: V1r5s.... A crazy XXX pr0n video for sale in the dealers room...and um, that's about all. Yay they are playing Aphex trin at capture the flag now....

Tomorrow's post will be much more intersting. Being shoved in a car for 15 hours with people does wonders to your ass.

So its like the get out apt countdown and the DC countdown as well.

but first, I have to be a super geek and run a 40 person Magic the Gathering prerelease at the comic/game store i work at today.


Forest Green is in town from San Francisco to play at my friend Corey's party. Cool to hang out with her.

Tuesday Night 7/29/3

Ugh I stayed up until freaking 4am trying to get my kitchen cleaned. Moving is not happy. At least I am working on getting done finally. Now its time to take my computer down, finish the shizz and then make it to defcon so I can add some more rocking news to this thing.

Sunday Night 7/27/3

Yay happiness is a lot of random friends with girlfriends who come to help you move stuff out of your apartment.

Today I got some stuff moved and got the Don't Try This At Home Steve-O video 2. It was worth the $9 including shipping i paid for on ebay. That shit is just like wrong. Its all about the Jackass tour. The fucked up thing is that its about a TOUR. These people went on TOUR to bad college places and sold out all thier shows. I probably would've gone.

These insane people (including me of course) are planning on doing live updates about Defcon while at Defcon..... Check out what else is supposed to be going on and what you missed since you can't be everywhere at once...er can you???

Converge's site: CK3k's Site: http://ck3k.stotan.org/defcon/

This is Fused's site: http://www.th3untouchables.org

Telco88 from the forum's site: http://defcon.pdx-tech.com

Boogah's blog: http://gominosensei.org/

ttye0's site http://www.binarii.com/defcon/defconxi

July 28th

The diary has temporarily been moved to:



Its gonna TRY and do daily updates on Defcon from defcon. Let's see how that one goes.



July 17th

Still trying to get a hold of the password for the Staticnightlife.com site that Evans was in charge of. That company is hella flaky, the people who are in charge of the server that the site is on.....they suck. I've gotten all my emails returned from them by bouncing...that's kinda a poor thing for a business....


July 4th

RIp Evans.


July 2nd

Sorry I've neglected everyone out there. Things haven't been too interesating lately, Drop Kick has quit Static for all kinds of reasons. Mainly lack of interest of promotion by Static itself, I think Ryan got burned out by not having any help. I feel for ya, guy! Drop Kick is in the midst of seeking another home. Or rather, I am, I haven't heard from Dras since he moved. Zach got laid off since Wherehouse music (whatever its called) has fallen off the planet.


Scott of Psychoactiv's Birthday was yesterday. That was fun. Thanks for the shot Rob. Stupid hangover.

So stay tuned True Believers.


Sat May 24th

rating 5

So the patio at Static is open again. Dropkick is back in buisness. Its nice out there. There's like chairs, and umbrellas, and grass, and awesome DJs. Bring your friends because hauling that sound system outside is dumb if you dont come. Besides, me and Dras and Baloo and Zak freaking spend all kinds of mad money on records each week.


Sat May 17th.

rating 1.1

Well. I could just bitch about it like I want to, and i just might, because I felt like I REALLY got dissed by one of my good friends. And then i think all the other DJs felt the exact same way. To me, this party was hyped very pro local. Very pro Jackalope since I play techno.(Since the first thing I heard about this party was: She would kill us if we didnt book her. And instead I (the dropkick kids were there tagging with me so it wasn't so bad: thanks Baloo and Dras!)get booked playing opposite Joey Beltram , the person I very much wanted to see.

Also- of course, a promotor told me i was playing from 10:00-11:30, no problem, I bought a few new records (and ordered a few from Finest...which arrived this week -may 24th- sorry guys, i am probably not gonna order too much from you in the future) ....and was told to show up at 9:30, again, no problem. I show up at 9:30 and the promoter said, "oops, did isay 9:30? You need to be playing now." So i play from 9:45-to 10:30 and not my 1 1/2 hour slot. I have to kick Chris off the decks who was also apparently told like 3 different time slots. I felt kinda bad about that.

I dunno. When you DJ at a rave, there is definitely an amount of fucked upness that you know if going to go on, and sometimes that amount is exceeded by enormous standards like it was on this night. I think it was amplified to everyone because the promotr is our friend as well. The other DJs were all kinda growling at each other all because of this and the vibe of the party i think got crushed a little by how much we were talked up, how much our stupid egos were, and how much bad schedualing can fuck up people's plans for a good night.

Next time I play for Genesis remind me not to care about my set.


April 30th

Apple User's Group, out at the Plaza on the CSU campus.

Rating 4.0

Rowan asked me to spin that day, so of course I'm going to say yes! None of her helper monkeys committed to showing up at 8am to elp her set which which was a total drag becuse all the sound people (ie me, Larry and Scott from Psychoactiv) ended up setting up tents and tables in addition to sound (thank you scott) and DJ Ian's tech1200s. (thank you Ian)

The day ended up pretty awesome with all the cotton candy you could eat and all the imac G4s and 14" and 17" powerbooks you could stare at...and then it started raining... which wasn't a huge deal... untill... it started HAILING. Well ok. No biggie, we had a few tents covering the gear. Which of course started leaking because they aren't designed for TYPHOON.

So I now have the added experience of playing in a massive hailstorm, watching people huddle around 3 Mac computers hoping they dont get wet or hailed on. (Which hurt quite a bit when you got hit.) And seeing just how much an A-1 Rental tent can stand up to.

Rown called it off and we tore down and picked up...and met her for beers at Coops....Thanks for the totally awesome day Rowan! I had a blast! (and so did Scott)


April 26th.

No Dropkick this time. We decided we didn't want to haul like 50 cinder blocks to have the porch space and have Ryan tell us to come turn it down, so I got a hangover and Dras and Baloo went to a house party where they coudn't even hear what they were playing, so they gave up and went home. I went to sleep for like 15 hours and went to work the next day. The rest of the day was awesome..heard some new tracks, drank a 40 (why oh why) and had lots of mixed coffee drinks. *shrug*


April 3rd (Thursday)

rating: 5. Well, like duh.....

Baloo and I got to tag team at Static. Meep.

March 30th

Whoa so neglected. That sucks. I'll try and be better about this...and add a couple entrys so it looks like I actually, you know, did something.

March 28th

I got to run the second room at Static with a bunch of crazy djs who were willing to come down on no sleep from the night before, get drunk spin record and have a good time. Thanks guys for coming down.

March 27th

I worked a 10.5 hour day on no sleep, so I missed Tech Itch in denver that night. Made me sad.


March 6th (i think, thursday something)

AK1200 tag teaming with Dylan at the Snakepit in Denver.

Holy shit what an incredible amount of good records. HOLY SHIT. Who the hell bothered to like, I dunno, let these guys sound good. I dont get that- the DJs were mixing things in at incredibly over leveled ranges on the mixer and the thing is tho, that there was no sound tech or even a promotor trying to help them out so that they sounded GOOD. So bottom line from that show was this: AWESOME records played at levels that gave me the worst tenitus I'd ever had which made the AWESOME records sounds really really BAD. This makes me wonder if all producers dont actually CARE what thier music sounds like outside thier studios..... ????


February 22nd

Saturday. Why in the heck did Ryan get posessed and rent the club out to a Fret/Sorority quad party? I was having fun at my friend's birthday party before I had to leave for the club and then went to the club and it turned out noone knew the place was rented out until the last minute. Arrrrgh!


February 15th

Ming+FS and Lyrics Born. Its my birthday and I'll play records if I want to. So I did. That was at the Starlight in Fort collins. Awesome show by the Ming+Fs crew. I wasn't sure what to think of Lyrics Born, he was good, but maybe not in the mood I was up for. Oh yeah I'll have to rate this an 4.1.


January 1

After playing Release....Mike is a pretty good promotor. I got done spining and he told me I cleared 3-D's room...the main room and everyone went from watching him to watching me inthe second room. The Root needs a better monitor system tho, those speakers have been through too much hell and they are unfortunately starting to sound bad. Sorry 3-D, i didnt mean to steal your thunder as an our ot town dj, but who's your mommy? 4.3.


I also played at Static that night too and was playing records at midnight. Yay!

December something.

The Caladwich people didnt have cash nor did they come up with enough people at the door, or rather, ANY people at the door, so it kinda came down to the point of::: tak e a check or not get paid at all. So of course the check bounces, and after a story on how someone who worked there stole the checkbook and some bullshit, I got paid in cash. Don't ever DJ for these people.

December 3rd

Mike from the Root in Boulder called. Looks like he's got me for NYE. I think I'm playing booty house there. That'll be silly.

November 30th

Dropkick @


Awesome as always.

November 29.02

Caladfwitch. all ages youth center. fort collins.


Well this probably would've been like a 1 but the people were really really really cool. I got there and on a table was: 1 technics 1200. 1 Phillips CD player. 1 Huge ANICENT Newmark mixer. Um? Where were the 2 1200's and the Vastex / Pioneer I asked for? It turns outthat was the only mixer Shaped Music had. And apparently someone stole the other 1200 from Shaped Music. (If i find you, you wont be happy.) The promotors allowed themselves 3 days to promote Right on thanksgiving week. Let's hear it forthe good skills. Its at a youth center type place which has lots of cool video games and a coffee shop downstairs. Eventually it will house a LAN center and a place to play RGPs. There's deifnitely still hope for this place, but I hope the promotors figure out who thier target audience is and how to get a hold of them

UPS: video games, pool, cool people

DOWNS: no alcohol, carpet, smokey room, jail bait.