Event Pictures! I'll be adding to this when I can...

if you see one you want removed (cuz you took it) or just want credit for it, please let me know. Thank you everyone for the picts!


This is the good stuff you missed! NOTE: This list is very incomplete. I've played a lot more gigs than what is listed here.

This isn't all where I've played, it's just where I started logging it. And yeah, the order of the chaos has kind of fallen by the wayside. This page is more of a reference for me at this point!



11.11 - HackaDay SuperConference I will be DJing at the network/cocktail/mayhem night!

10.05 BruCON DJ set in Ghent, Belgium.

09.03 Toorcon DJ Set in San Diego, CA.

07.29/30- Vendor Booth Sat/Sun @ DEF CON vendor area - aiming to be there most of the time its open. (likely 10-5pm on Saturday/ 10-3pmish on Sunday) Come pick up your pre-orders!

07.29- DEF CON Main Stage (Track 1) Time 10pm-11pm.

07.29 - 303 Party! Time 11:30p-12:30a, Skytalks Room. Caeser's Palace conference area.

07.27 - 7-9pm DEF CON Speaker Party

07.26-- BSides Party Las Vegas Tuscany Suites (Liquid DNB set)


08.03.16 // Wednesday Night

9 PM SalesForce Splash Party // Opening the SalesForce Splash Party! Palms. Heck yeah.

11PM BSides Party Tuscany Hotel Pool //- I'll be rocking the BSides LV party!

8.04.16 //DEF CON Thursday // Bally's.

8PM DEF CON Speaker Party. Be there.

1AM (technically Fri morning) Piano Bar between Ballys and Paris. No idea what i'll be playing! Might even be booty house!

08.05.16 // DEF CON Friday // Bally's.

10PM DEF CON Black and White Ball

1AM (late friday night) DC503 Party Ballys. Location TBA.

What else is happening at DEF CON on Friday? Lots of BASS. Check here!


08.06.16 DEF CON Saturday // Bally's.

VENDOR ROOM from about 11AM-6PM at the Shadowvex Industries booth. You know the one! (This is my only planned day at the vendor room as DEF CON's vendor table cost has gone way up- I'll be doing guerilla vending throughout the con, stop me in the hall if you want to acquire swag!)

11PM 303 Party! Skytalks room


08.05.15 (technically 8.6.15) 2:40AM-4AM Bsides poolside. Closing the party out and playing some mellower choonz. Not your ordinary Jackalope! BSides Artists and Entertainment

Thursday at DEFCON:

DEFCON has rented out the Paris Piano bar and there will be DJs on and off there all weekend. I'm thinking about going and playing there on Thursday night for fun! Check my Twitter @djjackalope

Friday at DEFCON:

08.07.15 9PM (location: Vegas 7/8, South tower 3rd floor ) Ballys  For a non-profit Infosec Unlocked. ( - as of now, the link is broken, sooo yeah...)

08.07.15 12am-1am time is TENTATIVE, may be earlier, may be later...(think Friday night) DC503 Party. Location TBA. Bally's somewhere. Check my twitter feed!

Saturday at DEFCON::

08.08.15 9PM-10PM. DEFCON. 26th Floor Ballys Click here for the full DEF CON schedule.

08.08.15 11PM-12 Tesla/SpaceX party. Location TBA. Bally's somewhere, I think/hope!

08.08.15 1:50AM-3AM 303 Party. Skytalks Room. 26th Floor Ballys.


BruCON: Ghent, Belgium. Thursday Sept 25th. DJ Workshop with Ocean Lam and BruCON party at night! See you there!

08.06.14 Norse-Group Networking party. Boiling Room. 7-10pm DJ set. Techhouse. The sweet stuff...

08.06.14 Bsides. 2-3AM. Tuscany. technically the party starts on Wednesday, goes til Thursday...

08.08.14 EFF SUMMIT. 8-1AM. Year 10. WOOT! On and off during the Summit. Awesome shennanigans will occur. DEF CON Rio Chill room.

08.09.14 DEF CON MAIN ROOM. 9-10PM. I'm the opener, so get food get beers, come out for the fun!

08.09.14 303. Skytalks room, Rio. 11-12PM


    23-27th BruCON Brussels, Belgium. DJing there with Keith Meyer and Ninjula. Gonna kill it.

    07.09.13 Funky Buddha. Kung Fu Knowledge. Denver. Tag team set with BC Ality.
    08.01.13EFF Summit. Rio. 8-9:30 VIP fun. And then again at midnight. (Really technically the morning of 8.02.13)

    08.01.13 1:30AM DEF CON's OPENING PARTY. Follow the BASS. Pavillion.

    08.02.13 Friday Night

    303 Party-Skytalks room- 11:30p-1:30a. Two hour crazyness!!! Who knows what will happen!!

    08.03.13 Ioactiv FREAKSHOW. Rio Pool. 9-3am. Keith Meyers. Jackalope. Jules. Others TBA. CHAOS and FIRE!

    07.09.13 Funky Buddha. Kung Fu Knowledge. Denver. Tag team set with BC Ality. 21+ free. Luciferous represent!

    05.02.13 Recon @ Here Comes the Bass @ NORAD in Denver with Goreteks.

    05.09.13 Pipeline Thursday @ Subterranian Night Club in Colorado Springs

    05.19.13 Sauce Aniversary @ Avo's in Fort Collins. Daytime party! 04.07.13 HackCon. Oslo, Norway. Security conference. Not DJing, just working and teachin'!

  • 12.07.12 BayThreat. Sunnyvale, CA. Security conference.

  • 12.21.12 End of the World Party. Whistler, Brittish Columbia.
  • 07.14.11 Homegrown. Got rained out in the dj booth.
  • 07.10.11 American Jungle @ Meadowlark
  • 06.16.11 Sutra. DJ Soleil VS the World

  • 06.18.11 Primer Dome. 2am. Denver. Breaks.
  • 04.18.11Belle's Lounge in Colorado Springs w/DJ
  • sMallz and Xplicit. 21+
  • 06.04.10 Here Comes The Drums... Sutra.
  • 05.13.10 Turntable Takeover @ Rex Lounge. Tag team with DJ sMallz. Thanks Jeremy!
  • 04.04.10 Brews and Beats Headlining for Funky Fresh in Colorado Springs

  • 03/21/10 Rinsetigator Radio show with sMallz and Jack Spade on
  • 01/10 Rinsetigator Radio show with sMallz and Jack Spade on

  • 09/09 Sisters Denver @ Kazmos

  • 08/09 Defcon White Ball
  • 03.05.09 OWASP SNOWFECK convention @ the Tovoli in Denver.

  • 08.08.08 EFF Summit

    08.08.08 Hacker Pimps Party. Skybox.

    08.09.08 oCTF. I'm aiming for the daytime at some point. Not sure when.

    08.09.08 WHITE BALL. DEFCON. 11pm.

    08.09.08 303. The one and only dominators. Skybox.

  • 06.08.08 ShakaCon. Honolulu, HI. I will be assisting Deviant Ollam with teaching a lockpicking workshop as well as causing general chaos.

  • LayerOne
  • 12.20.07 Tiger Team Preparty @ Vinyl

  • 12.17.07 Sutra

  • 8.3.7 White Ball Defcon
  • Recon vs Jazzmin T
  • Recon 4.10.07 b2f Tekfox

    12.31.06 The Red Party. Static.

  • 11.17.06 Recon. Denver. Snakepit. Locals night

  • 11.18.06 New World. The next Orbis23/ party. DMX. Akoni. Jackalope b2f Tekfox. MORE.

  • 11.04.06 Pussy Cat. Tagteam with JazzminT. Floorbangers. Reid Speed. More.

  • 10.28.06 Halloween Robot Massacre

  • 10.21.06 Intergalactic. Jackalope b2f with Tekfox.

  • 10.01.06 Toocon8. "Should we play on the snake?"

  • 09.09.06 Powers. Orbis23 party. Get your cape ready. 18+
  • 08.26.06 NightCAP. A fund raiser for NCAP. Northern Colorado Aids Project.

  • 08.26.06 Femme Fatal... @ the Vault at the Fort. All ladies art, fashion, and djing!

  • 08.12.05 Shelterl Starry Night! Kasia Star's Birthday party. Shhhhh.....

  • 08.04.06 303 Party @ Defcon. Check out the Skybox info on for time and skybox assignment! These usually run Invite Only, so ask around. Riviera. Las Vegas.
  • 08.04.06 Ninja Network Party @ Defcon. You guys fucking killed it, you are the best.
  • 08.05.06 DEFCON White Ball! Hack the Planet. Riviera. Las Vegas.
  • 07.22.06 Welcome to the Jungle. Static.

  • 07.14.06 RECON.

  • 07.08.06 LOST The Dharma Institute wants to study you!

  • 07.03.06 Malicious Mondays. Denver.

  • 06.16.06 PIRATES vs NINJAS.

  • 06.03.06 Club Static. Jackalope on the 1200s.

    05.15.06 Malicious [email protected] Club Evolution.

    05.18.06 RadioActive Sheep @Kasmo's Jackalope

    05.20.06 VINTAGE. Fort Collins. Shahzad. DMX. Party by and Orbis23.

  • 05.11.06 Meltdown @ Blue Ice. Jackalope b2f Tekfox.
  • 04.27.06 Jackalope vs Fina vs Kasia Star! Kasmos. Sister Mile High's night.

  • 03.23.06 Kasmos. Sister's night.

  • 03.11.06 Static. Pisces

  • 02.16.06 Sisters Mile High rocks Kasmo's!

    02.18.06 Booty. Colorado Pirate Coalition Pirate Party

  • 01.26.06 Radioactive Sheep's Aniversary Party at Kasmo's! Jackalope vs Tekfox from D.I. Radio.

  • 02.04.06 Club Level. and Orbis23 joint party at club Level in Denver.

  • 12.31.05 Club Static's NYE party

  • 12.08.05 Lynx (old Osiris club) .this is a WEEKLY so come support!

  • 12.22.05 Kasmo's Sisters Night! $2 cover. All the girls who love you.

  • 12.02.05 pH-10 @ the Hi-Dive. With DJ Guy and Clocks Ticking Backward and Cacheflowe.

    12.03.05 Sisters/Angelic Toys for Tots fund raiser!

  • 11.17.05 Kasmos.11:30-12:30 jungle...

  • 10.29.05 Bizounce Graveyard!

  • 10.19.05 Wheel Up! Denver's new Junglist hangout. @ Club Scorpio. Tekfox plays later on too!

  • 10.12.05 Static. Techno set
  • 10.05.05 Static. Electro set
  • 09.29.05 Sisters Mile High. Kasmo's on Kalamath. Denver.Jazzmin T and I tagteam us up some breaks.
  • 08.25.05 Sisters Mile High. Kasmo's on Kalamath. Denver. Playing about 1amish.

  • 08.27.05 Definition They're bringing out the Wall of Sound for this madness. Woody Mcbride : Hyperactive: Terry Mullen 3x6. Danny of the Wild Child. I play on the 1st Local's stage after tye tek or lil' Mike.
  • 07.30.05 DEFCON ONE THREE
  • 07.27.05 Jungle weekly in Phoenix, AZ. Sauce.

  • 07.29.05 PIRATE PARTY POOL THREE. Friday night. Actually it turned into tagteaming with Cmos then into a 4am pool 2 set.

  • 07.23.05 Genesis JazzminT vs Miss Jackalope @ the Foxhole. 2936 Fox Street. Starts at 9.
  • 7.03.05 the Wave Evenflo is having a monthly there! It's gonna be fun as heck! Or got CANCELLED!

  • 07.08.05 GNDN SUPER HAPPY FUN PARTY @ SYN. I have given a +10 to every dj who is playing.
  • 06.25.05 D:FUSE @ Static
  • 05.27.05 Dras vs. Jackalope at a Metal show @ the Starlight.

  • 06.09.05 Transdexual @ Kosmos. Your favorite boygirl tag teams ripping it up crossgender style. Its really just a drag show with the best underground sounds in Denver. Tekfox vs Jackalope plus more.

  • 06.10.05 JADED @ SYN. Super old school to you my friend! Nothing made after 1999 will hit the decks.
  • 05.21.05 Welcome to the Darkside DJ Angel Alanis, DMX, and a ton more!!

  • 05.24.05 Mystiq All Girl DJ Night! The Girls break out! Starring: Baretta, Jackalope, Digigirl, Girl Du Jour (TBA), Jazzmin T.

  • 04.30.05 Staticlsym all jungle party @ static
  • 04.09.05 Moscow Underground All Fort Collins DJ Room.
  • 03.31.05 Sister DJs of Denver / Toxic Thursday Kasmos

  • 02.01.05 Mystique : Matt Kays and the Tonic crew! Wear your local dj crew shirts!
  • 02.05.05 Audiophilia! Club Static : Ascension vs Matthew Orloff : Diabolic : evenflo: n810 : papa gongo : tek fox : t.i.m.i.d: akoni : big mo t : Juggernaut will be playing, too!
  • 09.17.04 Cooncon. I can't let the coons out of the bag.
  • 09.24.04 Toorcon not djing, just selling cds and shirts at the booth. Please come buy me a beer! Please!
  • 07.31.04 Defcon. Black and white ball at 12 Midnight. Various parties around the Alexis Park.
  • 07.09.04 AMALGAMATION in Phoenix, Arizona along with DJ Dras of the Punisher Army.
  • 06.26.04 Club Static under the stars.
  • 06.25.04 Kasmos, Denver. Dj Baloo said Punisher Army is playing at Kasmos on this night. Not sure if it's confirmed or anything yet though...we actually didnt play because Kasmos lost thier liqour license.
  • 05.21.04 Darkhorse in Boulder / Punisher Army
  • 03.29.04 the Biz in Denver with DJ Dras, DJ Baloo and somewhere an Evenflo as well.
  • 02.25.04 EvenFlo . DJ Jackalope . DJ Ian ::
  • 01.30.04 DT's Birthday Party in Seattle! Heck Yeah!
  • 10.21.03 Starlite Tuesdays. 2 Hour drum and bass set!!!
  • 10.03.03 EYECANDY MAGAZINE XI LIVE release. 6-10pm at the Den Gallery of Photography
  • 09.05.03 "Feed Your Head" in Pueblo
  • 8.14.03 Static. Ass Pirates.
  • 8.02.03 Defcon. Las Vegas, NV.
  • 05.17.03 Joey Beltram at Static.
  • 02.15.03 Ming+FS. Starlite. Fort Collins, CO.
  • 12.31.01 Release NYE. Boulder, CO.
  • 11.30.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 11.29.02 Caladfwitch Fort Collins
  • 11.21.02 Roxy. Denver.
  • 11.02.02 Static. Dropkick crew.
  • 10.31.02 October 31st Halloween in the snow.
  • 9.28.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 9.26.02 Drum and Bass/ Breaks Thursdays. Static
  • 9.14.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 9.12.02 Drum and Bass/ Breaks Thursdays. Static.
  • 9.07.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 9.06.02 Click here for the flyer! Pine Street Art Chaos. Fort Collins, Pine Steet. Eyecandy Magazine
  • 8.24.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 8.03.02 Defcon 10. Las Vegas, NV. Miss Jackalope is the Resident DJ for the world's largest annual Computer Security Convention.
  • 7.27.02Tag Team with Papa Gongo = Electro Breaks = Club Static
  • 7.13.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 7.07.02 Mishawaka A Jam Up the Poudre. 23 bands. 3djs.
  • 7.04.02 Hunter and Seth's 4th of July Party.
  • 6.29.02 Static at Tornado Club. Dropkick Crew.
  • 6.21.02 Psychic Chakra at the UFO Watchtower, 5 miles west of the Sand Dunes.
  • 5.31.02 Reasonance in the Mtns Above Boulder, Supporting the Colorado Aids Project.
  • 5.18.02 Denver Dark Arts Festival Denver. 5.14.02 Powergroove Girls. Johnny's Place. Drum and Bass.
  • 4.15.02 Mixtress Mayhem on Internet radio just gets better with Jackalope techno on it!! This show will be played on Mixtress Mayhem on Weds on Radiovalve from time to time.
  • 4.6.02 Nocturnal Alchemy. Fetish Ball. Aggie. Techno/Drum and Bass.
  • 5.12.01 Battle Star Galaktica, Phoenix, AZ. Dj Lego / Forest Green. Techno.
  • 12.14.01 Super Happy Fun Time Party. Tornado Club. Neverland. Genesis. Techno.
  • 06.06.01 The Last Supper. The Last big party at Trax2000. Techno.
  • 02.24.01 Motion. Aggie Theatre. Techno.
  • 03.21.01 Dawn of Time. Aggie Theatre. Along with Dj Lego. Techno
  • 01.19.01 Luau. A Jasper fund raiser. The Root.Techno.
  • 6.29.01 Disko Inferno The Root. Techno.
  • 12.12.00 Ultra Booty. laRumba. Booty House.



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